Jiongxiao Wang




1210 W Dayton St

Madison, WI 53706

I’m a PhD student at the Information School, University of Wisconsin–Madison, where I’m fortunately advised by Professor Chaowei Xiao. I spent my first year at Arizona State University, where I really enjoy the sunny weather there. I got my bachelor degree at School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University in June 2022. I also worked as a research assistant at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2021.

My primary research focuses on Trustworthy Machine Learning. I am dedicated to developing methods for better evaluating the robustness of machine learning systems as well as performing defense against unexpected attacks. I’m also interested in applying Artificial Intelligence for Science. Currently, I’m very interested in the safety and security problems of Large Language Models. Please feel free to contact me for friendly academic discussions.


Mar 5, 2024 Making Backdoor for Good!! We’re thrilled to share our new paper BackdoorAlign, where the idea of “Backdoor Attack” is applied during fine-tuning to defend against the Fine-tuning Jailbreak Attack. Please visit our project page for more details!
Jan 16, 2024 Our paper Conversational Drug Editing Using Retrieval and Domain Feedback is accepted by ICLR 2024.